• Set of 3

    Triangle Shelf

    Handcrafted 3 piece large wooden triangle shelf.
    Fit for a rustic or Scandinavian styling.
    Great for the living room, dining area or the bedroom.

  • Entryway Organiser


    perfect storage solution
    Raw, Satin, or Walnut finish
    Made from Tassie Oak

  • Minimalist

    Book Display Ledge

    Made from Tassie Oak
    Designed to save space
    Minimalist appeal

  • Kids


    Classic design
    Made from premium pine
    Raw, Satin, or White finish

  1. Set of 3
    Triangle Shelf
  2. Entryway Organiser
  3. Minimalist
    Book Display Ledge
  4. Kids

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Such an amazing product - high quality finish, excellent communication from start to finish - also it’s great to see sustainable packaging too x