All-In-One Entryway Organizer (100cm, Tasmanian Oak)

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NOTE: This item is made to order and have a processing lead time of 4 weeks ().

This wooden entryway organiser is the perfect storage solution for everyone. It has everything you need - a mail holder,... Read More

This wooden entryway organiser is the perfect storage solution for everyone. It has everything you need - a mail holder, magnetic key holder, coat rack and display shelf. The shelf has space for you to decorate (put a vase, a succulent or any other design you want!) or you can use this space for your other things such as sunglasses/glasses, cameras, phone or other tech gadgets.

This entryway organiser has been hand cut, sanded smooth, stained and coated with a wood finish.

This is our bestseller and has been featured at the following:
1. Featured at Better Homes And Gardens Australia as one of the best key racks for staying organised -
2. Featured at the Architectural Digest in Spain:



Shelf: 100cm (L) x 18cm (H) x 11cm (D), 2-4kg (Approximate Weight)
Mail Holder: 27.5cm (L) x 6.5cm (H) x 4cm (D)


Shelf: 39.37 inches (L) x 7 inches (H) x 4.3 inches (D), 2-4kg (Approximate Weight)
Mail Holder: 10.8 inches (L) x 2.5 inches (H) x 1.6inches (D)


You can either choose from the following:

1. Raw Wood - The item will be sanded and cleaned but no coating (oil or varnish) will be applied. You can choose this if the product will not be exposed to moisture or you plan to paint/oil/stain it yourself.

2. Clear varnish - This is primarily used in wood finishing applications where the natural tones and grains of the Tasmanian oak wood are intended to be visible. Clear Varnish is applied as a final coating to protect the wood.

3. Walnut Stain & Varnish - This will stain the oak wood with a walnut stain colour. The wood will be protected due to the varnish. (please check the photo with the note walnut stain to see the colour)

Product Info

This is made from Tasmanian oak wood (Hardwood) 
All items are handcrafted and each piece has its individual and unique wood grain characteristics, thus no two pieces will be the same


1. The most secure way to hang our shelves/ entryway organisers is to attach a screw into a stud (pieces of wood behind a drywall that acts as the wall's frame)
2. If you don't have a stud, you can use the self-drilling plasterboard anchors and screws that we will provide you. Note that it can hold up to 20kg in total weight (including the shelf). We will not be responsible for fastening failure due to plasterboard or improper installation.


Decorations/accessories are not included.
Please be aware that the wood we use will vary in colour and grain.
Colour of the product might not be exactly as it is in the photos as it may be affected by lighting, camera settings or time of day the photo was taken.
Contact owner for any specific requirements

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