How to mount shelves with keyhole

Please follow the instructions below.

  1. Get ready with all the materials you need: marker, masking tape, hammer, screwdriver, drill, screws and anchors (that we have provided) and bits. Use an 8mm drill bit for 50mm anchors and use 6mm drill bit for 35mm anchors.

  2. Use masking tape to mark the centre of the keyholes on your shelf - measure from the centre of the round opening in the keyhole on the back of the shelf to the centre of the round opening in another keyhole.

  3. Measure up from the floor to the height you want on your shelf and mark this with a pencil on the wall. Once marked, put the masking tape on the wall (making sure it is aligned by using a level as a straightedge). Use a stud finder to locate any studs to determine if you can install the shelf directly to the studs (For plasterboard only).

  4. Drill a pilot hole on the marked centre of the keyhole

  5. Tap or screw a wall anchor into each pilot hole (if the anchor is threaded, you will likely have to screw it in) if it isn’t possible to secure the screws to wall studs. Always work slowly and don’t force the anchor to prevent bending or stripping it. Keep working until the anchor is flush with the wall.

  6. Using a screwdriver, secure the screws to the wall anchors or studs, leaving the head of the screw sticking out slightly. There should be enough sticking out so that the back of the shelf will be flush with the wall, and the keyhole will slip over the screw securely. To avoid over-tightening, which can damage the integrity of the wall anchor, you may need to back the screw out a bit. Test the shelf as you work for the best results.

  7. Line the widest part of the keyholes on the back of the shelf up with the screws. Push the shelf onto the screws so that it’s flush with the wall, then carefully pull the shelf down (or to the right if you are hanging a picture ledge) so that the screw heads slip up into the narrow part of the keyhole, thus locking the shelf in place.



  • For PlasterboardBig screws and anchors (8mm x 50mm) - it can hold up to 15kg in total weight (including the shelf). Small screws and anchors - 6mm x 35mm (for magnetic key holders, earring holders) - It can hold up to 10kg in total weight.

  • For Brick/Cement: Big screws and anchors (8mm x 50mm) - it can hold up to 30kg in total weight (including the shelf). Small screws and anchors - 6mm x 35mm (for magnetic key holders, earring holders) - It can hold up to 20kg in total weight.

We will not be responsible for fastening failure due to faulty plasterboard or improper installation.

For Triangle Shelves

You can hang the shelves using long nails under the tip of each triangle peak. In case you are planning to put large/heavy items, long screws might be a better choice. Use 2 nails/screws (one in each corner) if hanging the triangle upside down. We have included some screws for this.

For Shelves With Magnets

Each magnet has a grip of up to around 100 grams using a metal key ring with a wide surface area. Stainless steel will not grip to the magnet.