How to Mount Kids Art Hanger Using 3m Command Adhesive Strips

  1. Clean the wall with rubbing alcohol to prep
  2. Make sure that it is level or aligned when you place the 2 circle wall hangers (we used a level)
  3. Lightly mark their placements on the wall
  4. Stick on one of the strips on the wall (remove one side of the liners)
  5. Attach the circle wall hanger by pressing the 2 strips together
  6. Press firmly until it clicks
  7. Then do this again on the other circle wall hanger
  8. One of the circle wall hangers has the the string tied already, just measure how long you want the string to be before attaching the other wall hanger.
  9. Tie to the other end of the wall hanger (tie it twice so it doesn't become loose)
  10. Adjust the circle wall hanger to make sure that the string appears straight from the other end.
  11. Then lastly, use the peg clips provided to attach the artworks