Docking Stations
  1. Wood - our docking stations are made of finger jointed (small pieces of wood glued up together) hardwood or softwood. This means that they will not appear very even (or consistent) all throughout the wood. 
  2. How It WorksPush the top part of the wood to the bottom part firmly until it hits the bottom or it fits snugly. You may have to apply a little force when pushing it down to insert the two parts. In addition to that, the top part should bend backwards. 
  3. Finish – We use a mix of mineral oil and Tung Oil. But note that tung oil is obtained from the pressed seeds and nuts of the tung tree. As the source of tung oil is nut, we recommend that individuals with known nut allergies avoid use and/or contact with this product, as they would other products derived from nut oils.