Nightstand Organiser with Apple Watch Charger

SKU: WYB0050363-25/13-SAT

NOTE: This item is made to order and have a processing lead time of 2 to 4 weeks (). For international buyers you may purchase this through our Etsy Shop.


This is a handcrafted compact organiser for your Apple Watch, phone, rings, and other accessories. With this compact organiser, you got everything you need every morning when you go to work. Or simply just have a special place for all your important things on your nightstand


25cm L x 11cm W x 1.8cm H
Ring slot thickness - 9mm
Phone slot thickness for no case/slim case - 13mm
Phone slot thickness for thick case - 17mm


Tasmanian Oak hardwood


Clear satin varnish - The item will be coated with clear varnish. It is applied over wood as a final step to achieve a film for satin effect and protection. It also makes the natural tones and grains of the wood visible


All items are handcrafted and each piece has its individual and unique wood grain characteristics

Note that there is NO opening for the phone's charger, but the phone can be charged when lying on its side