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Woodyoubuy Turns Two!

I can't imagine that we are already two years old! So many achievements this second year:
  1. ~2.5k total sales at Etsy + a couple hundred from Facebook and other channels.
  2. Shipped to 20 different countries including Belgium, Croatia, Kuwait, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, etc.
  3. Projects and deals with other businesses within Australia and outside.
These were the highs, but there were a lot of lows as well. And honestly, those lows made us doubt ourselves. It's an emotional rollercoaster - but we are still here, passionately making all these wooden products.
If you watched Game of Thrones, there was this line from Stannis Baratheon when he was being advised about the lack of wisdom in starting a battle in snow, and he said - "We march to victory or we march to defeat, but we go forward, only forward."
Thank you, everyone, for "moving forward" and believing in us!
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