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We are now a Company!

At the beginning of our small business, I have been celebrating milestones and achievements every step of the way. And now, after 2 years+ with almost 5k sales overall, I still can't believe this is happening. Woodyoubuy has provided me a full-time job and an ability to stay at home and take care of my 2 kids.
Now ... I am going to share it with my husband.
Last month, we have finally made Woodyoubuy a company. After thinking about this for a long time, we've decided that it is high time that John joins me in the business full-time. It has come to a point that the business has taken over most of his time and has become impossible to work for both the business and his job. A little bit scary thinking that he is going to let go of his full-time job as a software engineer but for now, I guess this is the right thing going forwards.
Plus, there are other changes going on right now:
  • Construction of our new workshop. Yey! Our garage is now full of machines, wood, tables, and a lot of other stuff and it's very hard to move around. So our new workshop will be a good addition this year.
  • A new machine that will enable to us to make new products! I am super duper excited about this! I will slowly introduce this new baby once we are fully trained. It's still in the box though haha!
  • New people! You will be seeing them soon! 🙂
So I guess that's it! As always, I am thankful to all our new and loyal customers as well as our supporters. Woodyoubuy will and cannot exist without you guys.
So thank you!
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