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Four Hundred on Etsy

After a month, we have reached another hundred sales! Yehey! I got my 399th Etsy sale this morning and was thinking when I’ll reach my 400th. Just this lunch time, I was talking to my mom (yes! my mom and dad from overseas are here to help us) and was saying “I think I’ll get my 400th sale tomorrow”. My mom said “maybe, today!” And she was right, after a few minutes, I heard that “cha-ching” sound from my phone! And another one. And another one. And it went on and on. I got my highest sales today! Ever! I had 18 just in one day! I am not so sure why, probably it was that Etsy email marketing newsletter that was released where our phone docking station was featured!Sooo what has happened since last month?
  1. We have shipped our 85 phone stands (with logo) to a company that can’t be named (as of yet, haha)
  2. Our market at “The Makers and Shakers” was a success! A lot of people came and supported all the handmade makers at that event. I hope to be back there next year!
  3. Our bestselling entryway organiser has been featured yet again! And this time, at the Architectural Digest in Spain (
  4. Etsy has included our phone docking station in their Christmas gift guides (gift for him).

Anyway as I have mentioned, my parents are here! Thank God! My mom has already cleaned our kitchen (I can now see that jar of honey I was so sure I bought but can’t seem to find anywhere in the pantry!), our bathrooms and our whole house haha! My dad is very busy trying to revive our dying plants, pull out all the weeds and trim the hedges. The jungle is now becoming a beautiful garden again! But most of all, they have given me more time to work in the workshop without thinking about cooking, cleaning and taking care of the kids. I am super duper thankful to them.

We will have one or two markets before the end of the year, so I hope to see you all there! I am taking a deep breath and wishing we will be ready for our FIRST Christmas season! No more cramming, hopefully!

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