Entryway Idea for Families with Kids

Entryway Idea for Families with Kids

If you have a family with young kids, an entryway can quickly become a cluttered and disorganized mess. To keep the entryway organized and inviting, it is very important to create an entryway look that works for your family’s needs. Just like me, I have 3 small kids ages 7, 5 and an almost 1 year old! Imagine having bags, jackets and stuff all over the place! And place meaning everywhere but most especially in the entry area! Gosh, it's always a mess. 

That's why it's good to have some kind of entryway shelf and peg rail just like what Elise has done. She had a coat rack shelf to hang the "adults" stuff. This is positioned higher on their eye level to create some space below to add in a peg rail for the kids' things (like their jackets, bags, etc). 

Underneath all the shelving and peg rails is a bench for seating and some space below for all the family's shoes!

This is just a simple way to make your entryway functional and ideal for families with kids! 


photo by Elise S.

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